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Local Products


SEPTEM Microbrewery (15 minutes’ drive from the hotel)
An important element of the region's identity is the SEPTEM microbrewery, which has established itself in the field of beer as a producer of high-quality products. SEPTEM products have repeatedly won international awards. The unit is located next to the provincial road Avlonari-Stomio Oxylithou. The brewery was created in 2008 by brothers Sophocles and George Panagiotou and today produces a range of eight types of beer, eight types with a different personality each, the result of painstaking research and search for the new. The microbrewery can be visited, as long as there is a genuine interest of the visitor for ... beer.

Farma Sarli
The biological farm “Farma Sarli” is located in a valley formed by the two rivers of Manikiatis and Kolethra, surrounded by a forest of centuries-old plane trees and a flora of rare plants and herbs.
Running waters are abundant and with the presence of a unique fauna of wild animals, makes it a unique landscape.
The idea to create such a farm from our family, started from the rebirth of the traditional ways of cultivating and breeding the native plants and animals, their treatment and their conservation with true biological means, so that any visitor may taste and buy pure products without any bad substances coming from the intervention of the chemical industry.

Avlonari Women Cooperative
In 2005, a group of women, with passion and responsibility, founded the Women's Agritourism Cooperative under the name "AVALONA", a medieval name of the area of Avlonari.
The workshop and the branch of the Cooperative are located on the Central Provincial Road of Chalkida - Kymi (in the middle of the distance) in

Chania Avlonari of the Municipality of Avlonas.
It is next to the bus stop and opposite the Byzantine Church of Agios Dimitrios.
The activity of the Cooperative is the preparation of food items based on traditional, authentic recipes that have survived to this day.
For the preparation of the products, pure materials are used that are supplied from the local crops and follow the old procedures and recipes.
The Women's Cooperative tries to save the tradition of taste, defends local products and offers modern households a daily and essential relationship with tradition and authenticity.