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Excursions in nature


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Santa Mill (15 minutes’ drive from the hotel)

Especially we should stop at the ravine where the old "Santa's Mill" is located, which is named after the name of its last owner. Here two water-rich torrents converge, to continue like a river, their flow to the sea. It is a verdant small valley, of rare beauty, which can be reached only by picturesque forest paths. The most impressive feature of the evocative space, are the two single-arched stone bridges, which have been built at the end of the 19th century, one by Epirotes craftsmen and the other by Peliorites.

Waterfall in Manikia (35 minutes’ drive from the hotel)

Between the villages of Vrysi and Manikia, about one and a half kilometers from the asphalt road (part of the path will have to be walked), at Skapetoi, the river Manikiatis forms a beautiful waterfall about 15 meters high, which is worth visiting.

Kolethra is the main source of water in the area of Konistras but also the largest in Evia. It is a recreation area with lush running water, tables and benches under the thick shade of plane trees. Following the beautiful path by the river you reach the old watermill of the village where heavy winter clothes were washed under the swirling pressure of running water.

In a lush landscape you will see the source of the local mineral water, which is considered therapeutic for the kidneys. For those of you who have a problem with your kidneys, take as many empty bottles and jars as you can and fill them with a walk in the digestive tract!!! And for anyone with an appetite for walking , can continue down the dirt road after digestion and go up to Saint Paraskevi, a small chapel with incredible views of Kymi in the distance and of St. George's Castle across the street

Έντζι - Ρίχτης
Entzi is a settlement west of Kalimerianoi and its name is due to the German geologist and mineralogist Enze Franz. King Otto and his entourage on their visit to Kymi and its surroundings discovered the existence of coal layers which began to be exploited in 1844. And in the early years lignite was transported by the Kazarmas coal mines in 1870. It was transported to the mines of Etzi and Maletianoi which was made up to the beach of Kimi by air train. High quality lignite was extracted from the coal mines in the area. Their operation ceased in 1962.
SHIPPER: The lignite loading facility located in the port of Kimi is an extremely interesting construction of the early 20th century (1913) associated with the first steps of lignite exploitation in Greece. This construction is an important testimony to the techniques and tools used in the transportation of mining products and at the same time a reference point for the port and the locals.

At a distance of three kilometers from the sea, on Viglatouri hill, a whole settlement of prehistoric and geometric period has been discovered with houses, sanctuaries, squares, roads and tombs, the ruins of ancient Kimi, the city associated with the 8th century Greek colonization. B.C. in the West and the creation of the homonymous colony in Greater Greece. Rectangular and arched buildings, cobbled roads, made of small stones, pebbles and pressed shells have been discovered, as well as a small part of the wall at the foot of the hill. In the central core of the settlement there was a square and an oval stone-built building, the sanctuary, which was found undamaged and has a rich pottery dating back to the mid-8th century B.C..

Dragonera - Koupa Castle
Ancient castle that was constantly in operation from antiquity until the Frankish occupation. The castle is located on the hill Dragonera or Dragonara or Tragounara at the eastern foot of Mount Mavrovouni and west of the village Vrysi in the area of Kymi in Evia. The Manikiatis stream flows below the hill.
The castle was fortified for the first time probably in the 4th BC. century - as seen from the impressive isodomic walls built with large and well-worked rectangular boulders.
In the center of the eastern part there is the church of Panagia Dragoniera which celebrates the 1st of August. In the courtyard of the church there are broken columns that together with the seven marble columns that support its roof, testify to the existence of an ancient temple in the area, which is believed to have belonged to Artemis.

Beautiful path just outside the picturesque village of Androniani which ends in a small lake. The marked route along the river and the beautiful green scenery will excite young and old.