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Experience a unique experience by doing refreshing walks on the paths around the area of Kimi. Our specialized guides are here to help you discover the beauties of the mountains of Kimi.

Hiking Trails
Total trails: 10
Total distance: 107.4 Km
Types of routes: Circular, Crossing
Difficulty levels: Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Very Difficult
Maximum Altitude: 993 m
Minimum Altitude: 0 m
Total walking hours: 49

The area of Kimi, endowed with impressive natural beauty, is delightfully revealed through fascinating cycling routes. The forests and the dense low vegetation, the simple but imposing mountain landscape and together the beautiful picturesque beaches, compose a rich set of alternating images for unforgettable cycling (and not only) cycling experiences. The fir forest in Kotylaia, the dirt roads to the Castle and to Engi, the roads and paths to the beaches of Thapsa, Nautiko and Agios Mercourios (Mourteri), are offered more or less easily to cyclists as "glorious fields of action" but also as remarkable destinations. At the same time, the specially designed "cycling path" and the small "cycling park" near Kimi, are places that are coordinated by numerous cycling friends, beginners and advanced.

Bicycle Trails
Total Trails: 7
Total Distance: 87.3 Km
Type: Circular, Crossing
Difficulty Level: Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Very Difficult
Maximum Altitude: 993m
Minimum Altitude: 0 m
Total Hours Riding: 36

A uniquely designed multi way pump track, dedicated for bikes with corners (burns) & rolls offers the ultimate riding experience with safety to all kind of riding styles from beginners to advanced riders. A certified team will guide you through the riding techniques & safety rules for the ultimate bike experience! We also offer rental options for bikes & equipment if you don't have your own.
Distance: 400m
Activity: Cycling
Route type: Circular
Difficulty level: Easy
Age limit: 5+

If you love adventure and mountain sports such as climbing, mountains and rocky scenery, you will be thrilled. Just 25 minutes from the hotel, between the villages of Vrysi and Manikia, you will find fully organized climbing fields, for both beginners and advanced.

A horse club situated at a wonderful place on Viglatouri hill, where ruins of ancient Kymi have been excavated, amongst platanus trees and close to the river Manikiatis. One can either ride inside the enclosed premises or outside, following paths in pure nature. Horse riding classes and therapeutic horse classes are offered by a specialist instructor.

DIVING – Watersports
The area, surrounded by sea, has endless undersea grounds to be explored. In the area, two experienced diving schools offer diving classes, organize group diving excursions in places of interest for more experienced divers and provide equipment for various watersports (canoe, sup, scooter).